Pain sites
OncoLink - A Comprehensive Cancer Information Resource
Roxane Pain Institute: The Management of Cancer Pain
Clinical Guideline 9: Cancer Pain
The International Association for the Study of Pain
Washington State Cancer Pain Initiative
Wisconsin State Cancer Pain Initiative
CancerNews: An internet publication for cancer patients and their families
Cancer Pain Education for Patients and Families by J. Eland, PhD, RN
OncoPain: An internet discussion group devoted to cancer pain, for the health professional
WHO Cancer Pain Release
National Headache Foundation
Cancer sites
National Cancer Institute
CancerNet On Gopher
NCI - ICIC Home Page
CancerGuide Tour
American Society of Clinical Oncology
BCHP Demonstration Project
Vitamins Network Cancer Forum for cancer survivors and their families
Other health-related sites
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Guidelines
Center for Health Education
Doctor's Guide Homepage
Bandolier - Evidence Based Medicine
Growth House: Resources related to life-threatening illness and end of life issues.
Internet Grateful Med: New User's Survival Guide
Transformations: Help for those in recovery and in developing spiritual growth
Online Library of Drug Policy
Medscape, an "interactive, multi-specialty, commercial Web service for clinicians and consumers"
CorTexT, a non-profit organization, provides educational seminars on a wide variety of of health-related topics.