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Lectures & Educational Activities
The faculty and staff of the Pain Research Center are involved in many activities focused on educating and communicating with colleagues, practitioners, patients, and the community on topics regarding pain management, pain measurement, and other areas of expertise. These activities take place at PRC, elsewhere on the University of Utah campus, and in other locations in the UofU community. Frequently members of the PRC faculty are invited to the national and international communities. Through memberships in national and international organizations on pain and other areas related to their research, the PRC faculty actively engage with the academic, research, pharmaceutical, government, and medical practice communities on current theory and practice in pain management.
Didactic Lecture Series at the Pain Research Center
  Meets on Fridays at 7:30AM at PRC conference room. Breakfast is provided. Lectures by PRC faculty, faculty of the UofU Pain Management Center, and other experts from UofU and the community are presented on a variety of topics, followed by lively interchange.
Palliative Care Conference
  A monthly lecture series held in the UofU School of Medicine/ University Hospital, Classroom A1. The series features lectures by experts on pain and palliative care.
Pain and Negative Emotion: Towards an Interdisciplinary Synthesis. August 11-13, 2002. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  A satellite symposium offered in conjunction with the International Association for the Study of Pain 10th World Congress on Pain. The symposium is sponsored by the Association of Scientific Study of Consciousness and organized by Drs. Chapman and Nakamura of PRC. For information and registration phone (801) 585-7690, FAX (801) 585-7694, or email or